7 New Rules for Men on Vacation

This post on men on vacation is originally written in the summer but everything applies excellent to Christmas season as …

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Free eMentalHealth Resources 2017

Here is a list of some completely free e-Mental Health Resources 2017. We just love this wonderful progress in this …

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The 10 best eMentalHealth resources 2017

There has been so much innovation and new launches of helpful applications in eMentalHealth during the last years. Here are …

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Entering The Lions Den

If you’ve ever wondered where courage comes from and you’ve considered all manner of things like stoicism, truth, justice, guts, …

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Hypermasculinity, War and Intergenerational Trauma

  Over the last century, there’s been a growing awareness that men return from war, not only with physical injuries …

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Why my junkie mother was the perfect parent

What’s your earliest memory? Your first day at school? Playing in the garden with a sibling? Mine was my junkie …

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Parenting our inner child from what we learned

Nov 15,16by Matt

 Inner Child work is without a doubt some of the most difficult work we can do in our healing journey. …

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Being (and not being) with pain

Nov 14,16by Rick Belden

I’ve been thinking a lot about pain lately, particularly pain of the emotional and psychological variety, and I’ve come to …

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Children and Self-Esteem: The True Test

Sup Boss,   Have you ever had that sinking feeling like your parenting wasn’t upto scratch or like no matter …

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A New Global Brotherhood

The biggest idea I was introduced to during the Men’s Research Weekend in Copenhagen last weekend was actually something I had …

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