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7 New Rules for Men on Vacation

[This post on men on vacation is originally written in the summer but everything applies excellent to Christmas season as well] Editors note.

I’m actually on vacation right now (originally posted in July 2015). As I write this. I have been paying attention to each and every one of these Rules for the past four days. Overall, I would give myself a B+.

The truth is that we go on vacation to disconnect from the distractions and busy-ness of our lives but that is easier said than done. We want to create a lifetime full of happy memories with our families and here are 7 Tips that will make it a little easier:

1. Work will survive without you and you will survive without work – Men invest a lot of time in our professional identities and being successful. Vacation is about disconnecting from that obsession and investing in our identities as partners and fathers.

2. TV is not a member of the family – the truth is TV and mobile devices have become a member of the family – a sometimes annoying and intrusive member of the family. Distraction is a national epidemic. So, before going on vacation, be clear about how TV, email, mobile devices, and social media are going to fit in – set boundaries and clear expectations and stick to them.

3. Your family really does want to be with you – For those families with teenagers this may seem hard to believe but it really is true. Men think they have to be Super-Dad or have some perfect performance. Not true. Your family wants you – so take the time to be connected and be your authentic self. That’s the man they want.

4. Be present with your family – This is the essence of it all. How can men learn how to be more present and connected when a lot of the Man Rules are about disconnection? Here are 3 Quick Tips:

A. Again, be really clear about how TV, email, and mobile devices fit into your vacation time.
B. Set up regular times to check in with your partner. Rate yourselves on a scale of 1 to 10 about
how stressed you are and figure out ways to support one another.
C. Set up regular times to check in with yourself. Take time to breathe and have time for
yourself. The truth is that self-care is at the core of all relationships – and it is true for men as
much as it is for women.

5. There is no “I” in vacation – It’s not about us; it’s about our families. Create a vacation that will be fun for everyone. Yes, we may miss out on the awesome round of golf or some others dream activity but we tell our families how important spending time with them is to us.

6. The vacation doesn’t have to be in a spectacular location – One word: staycation. How much pressure do men put on themselves to afford the perfect vacation? You don’t have to go to Disneyland or Hawaii to have a great time with your family. The vacation is about connecting and making happy family memories.

7. Take a map! – We are notorious for not asking for directions. We have great intentions for every vacation we go on with our families. When we make a plan and stick to it we are much more likely to make those intentions a reality!

So as you plan your next amazing family adventure keep these 7 tips in mind and you are sure to create happy memories to last a lifetime.

December 21, 2016

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