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Men and Intimacy: How Do Our Families Shape Us?

“The need for love and intimacy is a fundamental human need, as primal as the need for food, water, and …

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The Unattainable Standard For Men

Picture a twenty-four-year-old adorable, intelligent but anxious and insecure young man. Joe, as I will call him, often feels frightened. …

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What characteristics do you want in your brothers?

Hi, all wonderful men in my circles. I had the fortune to listen to the amazing speech from John Wineland …

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Man Up…

When I was eight years old, my father stood with his hand upon my shoulder. He told me that I …

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Welcome to the Men’s Online Participatory University!

Today, the 9 of May 2016, we officially launched the new site of the Men’s Movement, a Men’s Online Participatory …

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For the last year, the progress of the men’s movement community has been amazing. We have had psychologists, coaches, teachers, …

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Men Have Body Image Issues Too! – ‘It’s just as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie’.

The issue of body image is one that has risen in prevalence in today’s society. Pressure to become a perfect …

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Let’s Get Men Talking About Suicide

Male suicide is one of the greatest problems of our time and yet one of the least talked about topics. …

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Life as a guy living with PTSD, Anxiety, and Dissociation from a history of childhood sexual abuse.

Living with a history of childhood sexual abuse as a guy is not something many are willing to talk about. …

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Men’s Movie Blog

Welcome to the men’s movie blog. We will gather all the great movies examining modern masculinity. If you have produced …

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Men’s Book Blog

Welcome to the men’s book blog. Many of our community members have asked me to set together a book blog …

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Emotion and attachment: boys and man-boys

Once upon a time, there was a boy whose mother fell ill the day he was born. She got what …

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Fear and broken glass – A Poem

The anger feels so real to us all. It’s pumping survival through our veins. It gives us the space we …

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Men Knowing It All

For some time, to the public amusement, there has been an ongoing conversation about mansplaining. Quickly put, mansplaining occurs when …

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Emotion Connection – App Review

Today I discovered the app Emotion Connection on Appstore. (I just want to say I wished I had built this app) …

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There’s a Dad Movement Afloat

I was a dad long before being a dad was cool. I was a dad back when most dads were …

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Celebrating Masculinity Everywhere

We want to take a minute to celebrate masculinity and all the beautiful men in this world. There is simply …

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Honour the questioning

This text is intended to bring new thoughts through. There was a time not long ago where men and women …

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Interview with Krishnananda Trobe and Amana on intimacy and Love.

To meet two of my teachers in person. Krishnananda Trobe and Amana Trobe were nothing less than magic. I have had …

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A call to men by Tony Porter.

The first time I watched the TEDx speech ”A call to men” by Tony Porter was in late 2010. This …

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The manifest of the Men´s Movement.

Today we celebrate the Martin Luther King day. It is a day to remember the work of this leader in …

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Men´s criminal healing is the business model of the century.

How much money does a criminal cost? Well, of course it depends of the damage caused. But to recruit one …

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Fat shaming? Slut shaming? How about vulnerability shaming?

Today I feel so grateful for all the resources available at my fingertips. A few nights ago I read a …

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