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What can we do when ‘Father’s Day’ isn’t “happy” for us?

If thinking about your father does not feel joyful to you for any reason, it is extra important for you to be kind to yourself! For some of us, our fathers have passed away. Many other people never knew their fathers or have a relationship that is not intimate or loving. Others are caring for a man, who due to memory loss or illness, no longer remembers their child. Some of us have fathers who are abusive, mentally unstable or struggling with addictions that limit their ability to care for their sons and daughters.


We can empower ourselves by choosing whom we want to remember. We can give thanks to more than just our fathers. Who has been kind to you? Who helped you have confidence in yourself and one or more of your abilities? Has a brother, friend, uncle, teacher, coach, religious mentor, or boss been a positive part of your life? We can find ways to commemorate and be proud of who we are and grateful for whichever men or mentors have had a positive influence our lives.


Is the person or people you are thinking of still living? Give them a call, go to visit them or send a letter or email telling them how they influence you for the better! Are you missing someone who has passed away? You can commemorate them by going to a location that was special, sharing a memory about how have been with you, have a drink or eat their favorite style of food, participate in hobbies that they liked or donate to a cause they cared about.


Most of all, we can continue to grow and develop in ways that would make our fathers or other chosen mentors proud of the time we have shared with them. Who would you like to honor today? Who are you grateful for and glad to have had in your life?


Best wishes to you

//Margo Rose

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