What Mad Men Taught Us About Trauma, Shame and Recovery

Don Draper was a survivor of childhood trauma. But, when we first met Don, the protagonist of the acclaimed television …

The Unattainable Standard For Men

Picture a twenty-four-year-old adorable, intelligent but anxious and insecure young man. Joe, as I will call him, often feels frightened. …

Life as a guy living with PTSD, Anxiety, and Dissociation from a history of childhood sexual abuse.

Living with a history of childhood sexual abuse as a guy is not something many are willing to talk about. …

Emotion and attachment: boys and man-boys

Once upon a time, there was a boy whose mother fell ill the day he was born. She got what …

Interview with Krishnananda Trobe and Amana on intimacy and Love.

To meet two of my teachers in person. Krishnananda Trobe and Amana Trobe were nothing less than magic. I have had …

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