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Celebrating Masculinity Everywhere

We want to take a minute to celebrate masculinity and all the beautiful men in this world. There is simply not enough appreciation given to all men who has been giving their everything to be the best version of themselves this last couple of days.

We celebrate those of you out there who built the courage to break finally with that destructive peer group and those of you who dared to walk away from violence, criminality and excessive use of stimulantia. You are real role models in your willingness to change.

And salute to those of you who did dial that number on your cell phone, owned your shit and did what you had to do: dug that war-axe, apologizes, or booked that much-needed meeting with your opponent. Perhaps you did swallow your pride, showed your true self to someone, drew a line: enough is enough, or did practice vulnerability.

A big hand to all men who had the courage to enter couples therapy, regardless of the outcome, quality, resources or style. We all need to acknowledge that simply entering a space can be a victory. The same goes for all of you who finally went to your first men’s group. Welcome, home all of you who found your home. And those of you who didn’t keep looking, your brothers are out looking for you. Don’t give up. You will find your tribe, and it will just be amazing. Follow and trust your heart and gut. Listen carefully.

We also have to celebrate those of you who took a step into your adult life and committed to being your own man and stopped being dependent on your mother and father (after all you are grown now). Perhaps you have to earn your life, create your listening, take on your personal journey and follow your calling.

We can’t celebrate us, men, enough, we who expressed our deeper truth this last couple of days. Our honest voices, our drumming, our music playing and our poetry were deeply appreciated by the owners of all the hearts we touched. Let that sink in. Some were probably deeply inspired to take their first stumbling step in their finding of their voice, their expression, their heart. These voices will change the world.

When you speak from the depth of your heart, you are always a true inspiration to the younger men in the room, Always. Remember that, always. Young men depend on you older men showing your true face, and your willingness to stay connected; in the family, at work, and in the community. You can do it.

Heroes, we must not forget all of our heroes who did save lives on every continent and in every country on our beautiful planet. We all have to acknowledge that our safety is dependent on all work which is done in the background, often done or supported by without getting paid regarding money: safety at our seas, doctors working in war areas and mountain rescue teams. Keeping us safe. There is so much contribution for us to be grateful for. Thank you very, very much.

We celebrate all the newborn fathers who swallowed their pride and finally took those needed swimming lessons determined not to pass on their fear and limitations to their sons.

We celebrate all men who were struggling to pass their driving exams to have a shot at the new job opportunity. Those who learned a new language and those who were willing to unlearn some of their destructive conditioning.

We want to point to all of our brothers who found the courage to lift another man up and say: “I wish I had a brother like you when I grew up.” Your modelling of appreciation will never be forgotten.

Mentors, o you mentors, who shared your mistakes and failures to guide younger men to perhaps not have to learn all their lessons the hard way. We want to inspire all of you men out there to give your undivided attention to a younger man this following weeks and be present to the deep shift that comes our of your pure and undisturbed presence with a younger man. Your positive presence in a younger man’s life can be the single greatest gift he receives this day of today. It’s never too late to start sharing. One adept could change the world. The work will be meaningful, and you don’t have to understand it all to begin teaching.

Some men let go of their anger, some men let go of addiction, and some men let go of the fear of destruction as they opened up. Showing up did only mean your ego died a little. You live today to witness about all the other parts of you who got awakened again from sleeping deep within. It was never gone; it was there all the time. You simply had no choice, now you do. Thank you for giving us hope by showing that we can access change if we choose to live courageously.

All of this goes as much for all the women involved as well.

We must never forget that its standard could only measure the journey your on. None of us has the slightest clue what it took for our brother to show up today. Be gentle with each other. Please remember that the most fragile of our brothers out there deserve our compassion and love. All of them. All of us. Thank you.

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