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Emotion Connection – App Review

screen322x572Today I discovered the app Emotion Connection on Appstore. (I just want to say I wished I had built this app) Emotion Connection will be of my social/emotional intelligence what Heartmath is for my stress-relief/stillness training. Those of you who is interested in the Heartmath technology and enhancing your silence, you will find your iPhone kit here:

But the app I found today has the name Emotion Connection. I did my personal strength test at Gallup last year, which I highly recommend, and my biggest personal strength was “connection,” so I was immediately intrigued by the name.

Emotion Connection – Gamification of emotions

In the app Emotion Connection, you play a game of reading emotional expressions on different person faces; some expressions only last for two-three seconds, and other are longer. Some expression is obvious, and some are not so obvious. The real treat with this app is that the persons represented are diverse, with very different emotional expressiveness which makes it fun to play and learn. After I while I have the experience of that I get to know this person as I mirror their emotions in my body, mimicking their expressions with my face (by myself in my room, so nobody has to see me doing it).

It’s weird, but I do feel alive and connected to other people by doing this training. After a while, I get the thought “I could master this skill by persistently doing this training” which is very encouraging for someone like me, who have been struggling to be a part of a group for most of my life.

I have already giving Emotion Connection five stars at the app store and sharing first place with Heartmath; this will be the most important app for me. One could argue that this is both an emotional and social app. But I want to stress the politics of this app. This program is exactly what we should buy for our sons and daughters and put on their phones, giving them a tool to read the social world around them. I sure wished I had this tool when I was a teenager.

This app gives me hope for the advances of technology, It’s simple, easy to learn, anyone can do it and get instant improvement, result, and encouragement to keep learning new social skills. Thank you  Emotion Connection

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  1. Worst app I’ve ever purchased. Vague expressions. Wasted my money.

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