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Q: What is the Men’s Movement Community?

A: The Men’s Movement Community is a mental wellness community for men. It’s a gathering place for men and the people who love and support them. We built the community around an online social network with support groups, a blog with guest authors and a webshop filled with healthy supplements and herbal medicine. We are also creating a database of available resources for men.


Q: What is the aim of The Men’s Movement Community?

A: Our aim is to support men’s mental wellness regardless of circumstances. We provide supplements, information, products, and services to support men in making good decisions regarding their mental wellness. Create new and better eating, sleeping and working habits.

Q: What does my community role mean?

A: There are different community roles for various members.

  • Administrator – is one of the community administrators.
  • Contributor – can publish on our blog but it has to be approved by an admin.
  • Participant – is a forum participant, you can discuss the topics in the forums you are a member in.
  • Subscriber – this group includes the vast majority of our members. You can access all of our content, but you can’t publish content.


Q: How do I publish a post at the blog of Mensmovement.com?

A: You go to https://mensmovement.com/wp-admin/ and log in. Then you go to ”posts”, ”add post”. Write your post in the window and when you are done press “send for review.” If you have your picture, set the image at the bottom right corner of the page “featured picture.” You need to own the right to all the image you upload to mensmovement.com; please keep the file size under 250 k and the size 1280*600 pixels. One of our editors will look at it in a day or two and either publish it or get back to you with suggestions.


Q: Will I keep my rights to my content?

A: You will always retain your legal rights to your content, pictures, blog posts, etc. We are happy you want to share, but we believe everyone should own his or her content.


Q: You have a list, am I automatically on it when I become a member?

A: You will get a mail asking you to confirm you want to be on our list shortly after you are accepted as a regular member. If you have created a profile here with Twitter or Facebook API, you have to ask us to put you on our list and give us your mail address manually.


Q: Do you have any rules about members’ behaviour?

A: Short answer: Be nice. Men’s Movement Community welcome all kind of different people. We will under no circumstance tolerates racism, fascism, stalking, or threats of phycological, physical or sexual violence. Obviously, if a member is throwing threats or is being hateful, we will expel this person in no time.  We will save the IP numbers of members behaving unacceptable.


Q: Who can become a member of the community?

A: Any person or organisation interested in men’s issues: individuals, professionals, businesses, NGO:s and political parties. Coaches, psychologists, teachers, instructors, journalists and learners. We want a broad member base to include as many different points of view as possible to get a diverse and inclusive community.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


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