Still face Experiement.

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    This video is very enlightening about important the attachment to the mother is for a baby. What does this say us about how we teach boys to be un-attach and dissociate from other persons.



    Interesting topic. I work with attachment throughout my day, considering how different people attach and under what circumstances. This is an essential aspect of healthy human development, but few of us have optimal attachment patterns, and most are ambivalent at best I think the most damaging aspect of growing up for boys, is often the process of masculinisation, i.e. where boys are told to not be a ‘pussy’, be a man, and ‘only girls cry’. This is so harmful to boys.


    Hi James. I am delighted to have a researcher in the community. I think the knowledge base of the research community is highly needed to infuse the gender politics. Exactly as you do here. Do you have any resources/articles that specifically deal with this “masculinisation” and attachment?

    I would be happy to read and spread any article on this to the larger community.


    If I were better educated I would have been able to write this blog. Thankfully, David Puder did. This is the point I wanted to make earlier. In my own case my mother was and is psychotic which left me confused and unattached to my social context for considerable amounts of time during my upbringing. I believe the generation growing up now have big challenges competing with all the parents distractions. This blog is highly recommended. In it, David Puder takes stills from the video above and guides the readers through the emotional and relational dance between the mother and the child.

    The Video That Changed My Life (The Still Face Experiment)


    Thank you for your interest in this very important subject! Please let me know if you have questions. I am going to be writting more blogs on attachment in the future.


    Yes, David. I wrote your latest blog on the topic of Attachment on your site and it was really great.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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