Brother, listen (Poem)

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    Brother, listen

    Beneath the city´s roar?
    Behind the sirens and the violence?

    Listen brother

    Can’t you hear a million silenced boy hearts?
    The sound of a million boy hearts silenced
    Silenced by adult boys silenced before them

    Brother, listen

    Can’t you hear the sound of Snored t-shirt sleeves, tears swallowed?
    Can’t you hear the silence of the words of freedom stuck in boy throats?
    Making it so damn hard to swallow

    Tear dried eyes
    The looks of loss
    The loss of boyhood, the gain of so called “manhood”.

    Listen brother

    The city’s roar is the roar of a flaming field of boy hearts
    Burning tonight
    Burning every night

    Until a generation of brothers
    Listen openly as the words of emotional freedom
    The words of manhood
    Travels the world

    Until “take it as a man” actually means confronting ones emotions
    Until “take it as a man” means making room for a meeting

    Make room for your meeting
    Make room to listen to your brother
    Make room to take it as a man


    David, this poem made me chuckle with tears in the back of my throat.

    May I please copy it and share it on my Facebook page and my social media sites. Please.

    This poem needs to penetrate more hearts so they know they are being heard!

    I would greatly appreciate it please.

    Thank you.

    Other than that i have no words to describe how I feel after reading this, since Silence has always been my weak point, it is in the silence that all of the hurt and pain is and i can hear it and i wish to heal it and to get them to say a silent YES. so this poem is ever so touching for it is MEN’s self-love that is my greatest passion. If a man know’s to love himself, then the sorrows of the world will stop but it is only through to love of the women that the man can wake up to this, I think, I believe. so



    Sure. Do that.
    I want my name on it though, thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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