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Interview with Krishnananda Trobe and Amana on intimacy and Love.

To meet two of my teachers in person. Krishnananda Trobe and Amana Trobe were nothing less than magic. I have had the privilege to study their work for the last ten years. I’ve read most of their books, watched videos of them and done a lot of personal work with the help of their guidance. It was surreal to find myself at the Baravara course facility in Dalarna, Sweden to meet, for the first time, two vital persons in my life.

In January 2015, I founded the online community for men, to be a place to gather and share content with the power to transform the hearts of men, their lives, their relationships and the masculine culture as a whole. The best place I could think of to start this journey was to shoot a video of Krishnananda Trobe and Amana Trobe, founders of Learning to Love Institute, which have taught me so much about presence, honesty, and intimacy in relationships.

As my first semi-professional video production ever and my first meeting with two of my heroes, this was my first professional interview ever. Despite all these obstacles, needless to say, I was very, very nervous; I managed to create and hold a space where Krishnananda Trobe and Amana Trobe and I were able to explore the basics of their teachings in a naïve and inviting way. To have this conversation was, for me, like being on a course in basic humanity.

Krishnananda Trobe and Amana Trobe.

It is my profound honor to present to you the first YouTube video from Men’s movement Publishing. If you are interested in developing the personal skills, you need to create the relationships you want I highly recommend this video as a beginning. The video has something for everyone interested in intimacy and relationships. When it comes to relationships, I trust these two people more than I trust myself, and I wanted their work to reach new audiences. I wish all readers sun on your path. Thank you for your visit to this blog.


with kindness

David Pilbäck

Founder of

June 7, 2015

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