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Men´s criminal healing is the business model of the century.

How much money does a criminal cost? Well, of course it depends of the damage caused. But to recruit one young, male, full-time employed criminal over to a steady day-job could be one of the economically most beneficial things for society this century.

So, what if there was a space to heal the wounds in young men stuck in a lifestyle of a criminal? A place for hope to grow, for the opening of hearts, for healing to happen. Well, there is, in Brighton actually, and this space is called A Band of Brothers.

The other night I got this film from a dear friend in the Men´s Movement. A man who understands me on a deep level and what I want to help to happen with this site. Thank you Mike Holdstock! This Youtube clip do have my highest recommendations. As much to the people claiming men don´t need healing as to the people claiming men don´t have their heart in the right place.

The tagline of is “Initiate a world of men”. What is implied in that statement is that there is a world of uninitiated men out there. A large proportion of the men in our society had a lack of male role models growing up. Men, even in their 30-40-50 still haven´t grown up to their full potential in their contribution to society and start the guidance of the next generation.

If you want to see A Band of Brothers in your community they have a link on their site as they do have a clearly defined process in place. And if you got inspired, share your thought and emotion in a comment below.

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David Pilbäck

Founder of

January 13, 2015

5 responses on "Men´s criminal healing is the business model of the century."

  1. Great stuff. Love it. We have created a free resource called the Mens Group Field Guide, for any men wanting to create or refresh their men’s group. Structure and process are integral to the success of an effective men’s group!

  2. I believe the greatest challenge in the world today is to redefine masculinity and support men in embracing new ways to be a man. It’s a difficult challenge but I’m really glad to see videos like this that are shedding light on this important topic.

    I support this message 100%. The world definitely needs to look at innovative ways to deal with violence and other destructive behaviors and I believe Band of Brothers is a great place to start.

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