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Welcome to the men’s movie blog. We will gather all the great movies examining modern masculinity. If you have produced a movie, please share it with us and we will include it in the collection. Enjoy all these great movies on men and masculinity here on the men’s movie blog.

“The Red Pill” (2016)

We simply have to list “The Red Pill”, which is a movie about the MRM, Men’s Rights Movement, made by the feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye. The movie is sympathetic towards the MRM since Cassie Jaye herself changed her personal position when it comes to gender equality. Cassie Jaye was denied funding and had to go for crowdfunding to be able to finish the film. The film has gotten a lot of attention for the main argument that men also are subject to discrimination. Feminists SJW:s (Social Justice Warriors) have actively been opposing the screening of the The Red Pill and several screenings have been cancelled due to these protests.

“Hjernevask” (2010)

Hjernevask is a Norwegian documentary miniseries produced by the National Television in Norway, NRK. The series was created and presented by the comedian and sociologist Harald Eia. He interviewed Norwegian social scientists about gender constructionism and confronted them with contrary data from biologists and evolutionary psychologists. Shortly after the series was released the Nordic Council of Ministers closed down the Nordic Gender Institute.

“About men.” This movie is a documentary of the men’s group Owen Marcus is leading in his home in Sandpoint in Northern Idaho. We get to follow a group of men and their exploration of emotions, relationship and fatherhood. This is a truly excellent movie, and we can highly recommend it. It is available on DVD and by streaming.

“Erasing Dad” – “Borrando A Papa”

Is about the injustice in the Argentinian family court system and the need for a modernization of the family laws in this country. This Youtube clip is the full movie of 77 minutes. It is an important subject. This film project lacks funding, and you are welcome to finance this project to raise awareness of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrom).

“Father Unknown”

The next beautiful film on the men’s movie blog is a film about a father and son on a journey. Captured on a camera phone as it happened, FATHER UNKNOWN is the true story of a man’s struggle to face the emptiness he carries inside. Disconnected from the people closest to him and haunted by the secrecy in his family, he records his desperate search for connection on a journey with the father he’s never truly known.

This is a wonderful movie based on the saying that a man has lived a full life if he has five real friends when he dies. We get to follow a man and his relationships with his five friends. What does male friendship look like? We also have the opportunity to order a workbook to develop our capacity to build positive friendships with other men.

This is a documentary about contemporary boys and masculinity and the wonderful work of a Canadian NGO, who arrange Transition camps for boys. This is the best documentary we have come across about this important work. We simply loved this movie. “We are

This is an Australian movie about a group of men meeting in a men’s group every week. In this project, the actors got to “live” their
characters life over a period which left the storyline unknown from the start. It has an aliveness in it from this improvised way of shooting the film. Highly recommended.

Steam of Life (Miesten vuoro full movie) (2010)

This is a beautiful movie about men and masculinity in Finland. Finnish men have traditionally been very tough, and this has led to wounds in men’s heart. In the heat of the sauna, the men of the movie are opening their hearts about their suffering and struggles. This is such a beautiful movie. We honor the courage of the men in the movie who share so vulnerable about their lives.

The mask we live in, (2014)

An American movie about contemporary masculinity and it’s destructive impact on boy’s and men’s quality of life.


Welcome to the Men’s Group (2015)

An odd-ball men’s support group descends into chaos one Sunday morning when conflicts and long-standing resentments threaten the trust between the men. This is a comedy with some truth to it.

March 18, 2016

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