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Welcome to the Men’s Online Participatory University!

Today, the 9 of May 2016, we officially launched the new site of the Men’s Movement, a Men’s Online Participatory University. Welcome to the new Men’s Movement Community, where you will find many new opportunities to engage a larger community in your work and to give your gifts. You can sign up as an instructor here. Once you are approved, you will be able to start creating your courses from the front-end of the site.

Our dream is to make transformative learning, coaching, mentoring, development and personal growth accessible to all boys and men, regardless of background or monetary situation.

What we hope to see here the most is all the small mentoring program addressing boys and young men who runs their programs on old, small or slow platforms to join here. We have invested much in a scalable server solution which has the server force to make the site fast even as we grow.


Our deal is: If you don’t charge the end user, we won’t charge you either. If you charge the end costumer, we want a percentage of your fee for our administration and for using the platform. The real beauty of this business model is that everyone who chips in to learn new skills here will at the same time enable someone less fortunate to get his learning needs met for free.


The courses here will likely be around topics like parenting, relationships, fatherhood, masculinity, neuro-diversity, emotional literacy, stress management, and on-line business development. But also more private topics like sexual abuse, sexual healing, domestic violence, anger management or recovery from addiction.


There will be opportunities for participatory learning development as this new site makes it possible for more than one person to be instructing a course and makes it able to develop education in a more participatory spirit. Some of our core values are that important educational resources should be accessible to all, and the main attempt of this project is to make this happen when it comes to some core personal skills of boys and men. What we see as core skills is emotional literacy, social skills, anger management, setting healthy boundaries towards others, personal crisis management, basic health education, and mental health first aid.


We are dedicated to keeping our environment a safe space within this beautiful place called The Internet, and there will be no tolerance when it comes to racism, hating, trolling, abuse, stalking or any other bullying activity. We will keep track of members IP numbers, and we do have a system in place that will keep abusers on the outside. If you see something, just poke a moderator or an administrator.


Our vision for our community is to be an inclusive and open-minded platform enabling all the wonderful wounded healers of our world to make a bigger impact. This community is a sacred space for sharing, healing, learning, communicating, connecting, and creative collaboration. We look forward to all the beautiful things we will build together. You are all most welcome, and you are all equally important to this community. No one is on a higher level, and we are all our individual journey. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an idea, question or simply want to reach out. I will be around here somewhere.


Welcome to join the circle


David Pilbäck

Founder of the Men’s Movement

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