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For the last year, the progress of the men’s movement community has been amazing. We have had psychologists, coaches, teachers, healers and all around beautiful people, both men, women and others, joining our big circle. For the last year, I have personally got so many insights from the blog posts and the trial coaching sessions with our contributors, thank you all for this. I am also very grateful and humbled by all the wisdom of this circle, as with any circle of dedicated people working together with good intentions towards a common goal.


Now the time has come to move on and to let develop into the learning community I envisioned for over two years ago. The WordPress theme we have been using up until now was made for an online magazine, and my vision has been to build an online learning community around men’s personal development, mental health, and health in general. So we will continue to build the community in a new theme, on a new platform. The new theme and system will give us the opportunity to give our gifts in whole new ways. You all will be able to:


1. Apply to become teachers in the learning community.

2. Create your personal courses (or upload the already created ones.)

3. Specify certificates and badges for the courses.

4. Book live sessions.

5. Participate in all the other lovely courses and sessions in men’s personal development.

6. Find other seekers who are looking to reclaim all the parts of them self they lost touch with.

7. Probably much more that I am not even aware of right now, as I will be a complete novice of the system one more time.


I am looking forward to seeing you on the new platform, all profiles,  blog posts, and content in the store will be migrated. You don’t have to do any settings; the technical team will handle this. However, the messages and the content in the Forums and Groups will be deleted as the new platform has a new and different structure. Therefore, you need to save the wisdom and content from the forums you wish to keep for the future.


Another news is that the site will be placed on a server in the US, and the page speed of will be much, much faster in the US with help from our new technical team. We will have better page speed and a lighter and smaller front page. We will have better plugins and better functionality. We will put a better security system in place to keep the site safe from intruders.


Every course on the new platform will have a separate group created for it, all the content of the course will be on the course page. It will look so great; I can’t wait to show it all to you. I will not be so very active here or at twitter as I will work behind the scenes to create an even better member experience for all of you in the future in the new setting. I look forward to interact will all of you there. I wish you a great weekend, see you on the other side…… =)




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