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Fear and broken glass – A Poem

The anger feels so real to us all.
It’s pumping survival through our veins.
It gives us the space we so badly need.


When the heart has found peace again.
After anger.
life brings us
remorse, anguish and guilt.

For what we did do but shouldn’t have
For what we didn’t do but could have.

For all the possibilities
forever flown away.

Wandering between silent empty rooms
in the house
looking for our love
that is hiding outside

We are looking for our love
among the pieces
of the broken glass.

We should be looking beneath our anger.
There is fear beneath anger.

And there is this choice,
the choice between fear and love.

March 3, 2016

2 responses on "Fear and broken glass - A Poem"

  1. Beautiful poem David. I honor and appreciate your work.

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