Beyond Surviving Sexual Abuse Guidebook

Beyond Surviving Sexual Abuse Guidebook



Are you ready to move on from the pain of abuse?

I will show you how to build a solid foundation for recovery, let go of the pain of abuse and finally feel normal. It’s Yours! Free From Sexual Abuse Recovery, Coach Rachel Grant

Start your healing journey today!

Do you feel worthless, undeserving, unfixable, or unlovable? Are you ready to let go of the pain of sexual abuse and finally feel normal?

Anytime we start a journey, we have to make sure that we’ve packed all of the things we’ll need — a toothbrush, good hiking shoes, a map! And the same thing goes for when we start our journey of recovery from abuse — we want to make sure that we’ve got what we need before we step out.

If you are beyond sick and tired of feeling broken and burdened by the past but just don’t know where to start, grab a free digital copy of Part 1 of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse.


The exercises in this guidebook will help you:

  • Build a solid foundation for recovery so you can be successful in healing
  • Let go of the doubt and fear that you will never be okay
  • Eradicate the beliefs that what you went through is “not that bad” or you should just “get over it”
  • Get clear about the vision you have for your life
  • Reclaim your voice and learn to set boundaries


Join dozens of survivors who have left the pain of the past behind

“It is never too late to recover from abuse and take charge of your life. I wish I had met Rachel 50 years ago. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and presence in guiding me safely through this journey.Her positive spirit will live with me for the rest of my days.” ~John, California


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