Psychoanalysis session with Yana Korobko, PhD.

Yana Korobko

Psychoanalysis session with Yana Korobko, PhD.


A psychoanalysis session with Dr. Yana Korobko, Ph.D. and psychoanalyst. Dr. Yana Korobko is a specialist on therapy and mental health in Arabic countries.

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A session of psychoanalytic therapy and psychoanalysis with Yana Korobko, Ph.D and Psychoanalyst.

Who said that men do not seek therapy, or don`t need it? When I only started my private practice, I faced all array of male patients issues, one leading to another all at once: anger, anxiety, worries, stress presented with somatic pains, depression. Most often a patient could not have figured out what was going on with him, all he knew that the life has turned black. If you still haven`t decided if you need therapy you can write to me, ask your question, and, then, decide for yourself if you really need the session.


-relationship issues
-mid-year crisis

Therapy takes into consideration cultural background of the patient.


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