Arabs in Treatment: Development of Mental Health System and Psychoanalysis in the Arabo-Islamic World

Arabs in treatment, Yana Korobko, Ph.D. Psychoanalyst

Arabs in Treatment: Development of Mental Health System and Psychoanalysis in the Arabo-Islamic World


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Overview of the Book

The very idea of this book came up as a result of constant reflections upon the issues, which, among others, also include:

•Whether, psychoanalysis is possible and needed in the Muslim world?
•What challenges might psychoanalysis face in the Muslim world?
•What can be considered as the sufficient knowledge about the functioning of the Islamic mind so that to work effectively with the Muslim patient?

This is a book about the other psycholinguistic and sensuously perceptive structure, which is also an attempt to:

1)Fill in the existing gap of information about:

a)the interaction between Islam and psychoanalysis;

b)the up-to-date psychological treatment, which would respect the tradition and recognize the modern changes at once;

2)Find analytical explanation to the metapsychological occurrences in the Muslim life;

3)Explain and establish the correlation between the prevalent mental conditions in the Arab region and its cultural specificities.

The book is divided into three main parts in addition to an introduction and a conclusion.

Part I (Historical Interactions between Psychoanalysis and Islam) introduces the historical background, on the basis of which the book is organized. The chronological timeline begins with the jahiliya epoch and extends until nowadays. The analytical element comprises various theories, hypothetical reflections and conceptual equations regarding the events, which occurred in the Arab history and influenced the formation of the collective mind. All good things need not come together — so, the synopsis of the strengths and the weaknesses of the mental health systems in the Arab region is also included. It also contains the in-depth country examples with inclusive statistics provided by WHO and other stakeholders.

Part II (The Structure of Muslim Psyche) introduces the identification for the main signifiers of the Muslim psyche and comprehensively provides the cultural underpinning for each of them. The conceptual grounds are supported by the practical experience of the world influential psychoanalysts.

Part III (Mental Health Disorders in the Contemporary Arab World) shifts the focus from the broad macro-dynamical survey to the specifics of mental dysfunctions of modern Arabs less as ends in themselves than as means to address the prevalent symptomatology and the therapeutic constraints of the region.

The conclusion to the book seeks to draw out lessons from the glorious past of the Arab medicine and apply its principles to the modern Muslim mental health care system. It also reviews the actual problematics of the relation between psychoanalysis and Islam and seeks a way to overcome the underlying challenges.

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