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Medihemp Hemp Complete Hemp Oil 2,5%, 30ml

Medihemp Hemp Complete Hemp Oil 2,5%, 30ml


Hemp Oil from CO₂-extraction

The whole plant for the immune system.

Quality product from Austria

New formula


The gentle CO₂-extraction method of Medihemp Complete Hemp oil guarantees a particularly rich hemp extract with a high density of natural ingredients. Refined with the best organic hemp seed oil, Hemp Complete Hemp Oil supports the cardiovascular system and helps ensure the immune system functions normally.*


New formula 
The new formula for Hemp Complete Hemp oils is increasing the bio-availability. The cannabinoids are even better available for use by the body. The extract has a lighter color and a more fluid consistency now. The taste is even a little bit stronger than before.


Hemp seed oil: 26367 mg (88 %),
Hemp extract: 3615 mg (12 %),
CBD/CBDa (Cannabidiol/ -acid): 750 mg, corresponds 28 mg / recommended daily dose.

Also contains: minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, terpenes, phenols, CBN, CBV, CBG

* The health-related information of the products relates to Article 13, HCR (EFSA submitted botanicals list).

Our products are completely natural products whose ingredients, texture, flavor, and color are subject to natural variations. The stated quantities are therefore guiding values.


Dosage: 3 x 10 drops
Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 60 drops.

Storage: Shake well before use. Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Note: Not recommended for children due to its bitter taste.  

Properties: Dark-brown oil with viscous consistency, bitter taste

Quality characteristics: Unfiltered, unrefined, GM-free

Our Hemp Complete Hemp oils are not medicinal products.
When used correctly (see dosage) and in combination with a varied diet, they will support a healthy lifestyle. Food supplements are not not medicinal products and do not prevent, appease or even heal illnesses.

See a doctor for information about the specific treatment of complaints or illnesses.

Note: There is now a plethora of misleading information on the internet. Hemp is a wonderful plant but it is not a “miracle cure”. Our recommendation before deciding to buy: Look at the quality and origin of the products and consult a doctor where applicable.



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