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Two Sons Too Many

We have read the book TWO sons TOO many, written by Aidan Mc Nally.

Aidan Mc Nally authors his first book title TWO sons TOO many. It is his memoir and is subtitled, To Live, LOVE & Lose. The story follows his life from begin as a newborn child up into his 40th year.
The story of this man’s life is somewhat shocking and in parts very identifiable to men on the whole, as young teenagers getting into all kinds of troubles to maturing and growth into men to enjoy life and be carefree.

Although it can be said that in many parts of Aidan’s story the reinvention of oneself has occurred on more than one occasion. Through early fatherhood and beyond and even into his personal marriage Aidan has yes had some wonderful times and spent so much time hurting and in pain that his story shows great strength. One wonders how this man finds the energy to continue day in and day out with the struggles of life and the life he now leads.

The roller coaster continues, and Aidan’s life is no different to those of the people around us today although the experiences his new book brings us the reader, sheds light on how a simple situation can become oh so important or how the smaller things in life can bring us the most joy. Living in Aidan’s shoes becomes so hard, even to imagine, as we follow him through the days of perhaps someone’s darkest days. Only to seek new growth and reinvent himself yet again.

Aidan’s story is a powerful and shockingly brilliant story which we can be glad he decided to share it with us, perhaps this young man’s story may just comfort those of us who hurt similarly or even find ourselves in similar conditions. And so finding great comfort and companion in a real version of life as a man today faced with many many trials and tribulations.

TWO sons TOO many can be found on amazon or kindle and is available through create space for direct ship options along with a host of other online retailers. Aidan writes a blog at Goodreads and is open to discussing and share with any reader who may wish to openly discuss his life.

I firmly believe Aidan has touched the subjects in his written work that oh so many fathers and men alike find it the hardest to come to terms with and only can imagine experiencing or rather perhaps, are most feared.

You will find the book at amazon here.

July 18, 2016

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